Objects Lost = Art Found

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Christine M. Ueberroth-Krall
184 Dartmouth
Toledo OH 43614
(419) 380-0055

About my work Driving down the street searching the curb for the newest additions discarded and enroute to the local landfill; stopping at garage or yard sales or finding a bag sitting on my door step from a well meaning relative or friend. This the way in which objects find their way into my pieces.

My goal is to construct a theme for each piece so they are more than just aesthetically pleasing. So one can use the theme and objects to make interpretations.

There is a great satisfaction in knowing one’s work has touched a viewer on either an aesthetic or emotional level. If both, all the better.

I very much enjoy the process involved in creating my work and I feel this shows in each piece.

All visual artists interpret their subject matter in a unique way. The viewer really has the final say.