Objects Lost = Art Found

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Christine M. Ueberroth-Krall
184 Dartmouth
Toledo OH 43614
(419) 380-0055

About my work Driving down the street searching the curb for the newest additions discarded and enroute to the local landfill; stopping at garage or yard sales or finding a bag sitting on my door step from a well meaning relative or friend. This the way in which objects find their way into my pieces.

My goal is to construct a theme for each piece so they are more than just aesthetically pleasing. So one can use the theme and objects to make interpretations.

There is a great satisfaction in knowing one’s work has touched a viewer on either an aesthetic or emotional level. If both, all the better.

I very much enjoy the process involved in creating my work and I feel this shows in each piece.

All visual artists interpret their subject matter in a unique way. The viewer really has the final say.

About My Studio

My studio shares the same address as my home. This is partly a financial decision and a personal chioce as my artwork is a part of my everyday life. I also have a real need to have my children close at hand as they are such an inspiration to me personally and to my work.

This room is cluttered, but full of the ingrediants needed to create my works. The walls are full of old and new pieces belonging to myself and my children. I think looking to the past as you are creating future pieces is very humbling. To have a history is to have experience and wisdom — or at least I hope!